Jun 5, 2009

Sydenham Townhouse Minimalist Design

Inspired by the work of the Japanese Architect Kouichi Kimura, this is a design proposal for the renovation of a Sydenham factory as a townhouse.

Within the suburbs to the immediate south of central Christchurch are numerous small factories and warehouses with long term vacancies. Such a proposal allows for the cost effective recycling of a commercial building situated within walking distance of the inner city.


kuaka said...

But, at risk of boring everyone with my repetitiveness, what's with the battleship gray that is cloaking Chch? Is the paint marketed as Greywacke Gray?!

Canterbury Heritage said...

Gun Metal Grey migh offer some relief from the ubiquitous Beige.

Jayne said...

I don't mind that design, especially as it's within an industrial area and is recycling a factory.
A similar minimalistically-designed house near us was cement rendered then painted a magenta/puce colour which works terrifically with the design and iron roof, etc. Stands out like a sore thumb in the neighbourhood but a great style nevertheless.