Jan 18, 2009

Podcast: Vegetation Cuts City Crime

From the University of Illinois, and of timely relevance to Christchurch, is research that indicates that there are fewer occurrences of crime against both people and property when buildings are surrounded by trees and greenery.

Compared with buildings that had little or no vegetation, those with high levels of greenery had 48 percent fewer property crimes and 56 percent fewer violent crimes. Even modest amounts of greenery were associated with lower crime rates. The greener the surroundings, the fewer the number of crimes that occurred.

From Australia's All in the Mind series comes Greening the Psyche, a 30 minute podcast;

"Intuitively we sense that nature relaxes us; even small pockets of green in the concrete urban jungle seem to make a difference. But finding good scientific evidence for how and why has been more difficult, until now. Crime rates, academic performance, aggression and even ADHD; could a bit of greening make all the difference? And, ecology on the couch; a self described 'ecotherapist' with novel techniques."




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You always have great podcasts. Thanks!