Jan 14, 2009

Christchurch: Now and Then

Two matching north-easterly views of the north side of Gloucester Street, between Oxford Terrace and Colombo Street.

To the Left in the circa 1885 photograph is the Rink Livery Stables, which had begun life in 1867 as Richard Wildblood Kohler's Roller Skating rink (Dick Kohler had opened the city's first public swimming pool two years earlier on what is now the site of Hagley High School). The enormous building, which ran right through the block to Armagh Street, eventually gave way to Hay's department store.

To the stable's immediate Right are the Gothic style offices of the Public Accountant John Frederick Ballard, the first stone building to be constructed in the city. Beyond is the two storey Patent Office. The site of all these buildings is occupied in 2009 by the Farmers department store. 

To the far Right, at the corner of Colombo Street is Luck's Building, designed by the architectural practice of Mountfort & Luck about 1880. Apart from a minor section at the northern end of the Colombo Street frontage, this building was demolished in 1973.

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