Dec 21, 2008

Curator's Choice

Occasionally to be seen in Christchurch second hand shops are mid-century Danish Modern dining chairs to the design of the Cabinetmaker Børge Mogensen (1914-1972).

The Teak chairs were imported in 1955 by Detachment One of the United States Naval Support Force, Antarctica for the Wardroom of the Commissioned Officers' Mess at Harewood (below).

Unrecognised as such and until now without provenance, these relics from the earliest period of the Operation Deep Freeze program currently attract little interest and fetch only nominal prices.


Canterbury Photography said...

The table legs, or what you can see of them, look similar to the front legs of the chairs, I wonder if they are Børge Mogensen's design also? I suppose they are out there somewhere too.

Canterbury Heritage said...

The 1955 photograph of the Officer's Wardroom appears to indicate that the tables are square, with rounded legs (matching the chairs), but I've yet to locate one.

As a complete set, with four chairs and provenance, an international value could be in the region of $3,500.