Dec 31, 2008

Archaeology Podcasts

Feedback from our readers indicates a significant level of interest in Archaeology. Here then are our reccomendations for regular podcasts relating to recent develpments in this scientific field. Links open in new windows.

From Cambridge University via BBC radio comes the Naked Archaeology programme about recent international developments. Web site   RSS audio feed.

Employing more than 200 archaeologists, Wessex Archaeology produces Archaeocast, a weekly digest of European Archaeology. Web site  RSS news feed   RSS audio feed.

Each month more than 150,000 readers view the Stone Pages Web guide to European megaliths and other prehistoric sites. Web site   RSS news feed.   RSS audio feed.

Finally, should one be immune to an overdose of American hyper-vivacity, then the weekly Audio News Digest from Archaeologica might be considered worth a listen. Web site   RSS audio feed.

About Podcasting:

For those new to podcasting please read the Introduction to Podcasting article.

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