Oct 3, 2008

Podcast: By Design

Australia's ABC Radio tackles the topic of how today´s buildings have forged their way in the world by looking dramatically different to anything that has come before and, as a result, have been very focused on image.

Running parallel is a societal concern about the future of the environment and our concern with sustainability. A building´s performance -- its technical function -- has had to find different ways of being assessed.

Trends - Ungrand Designs This week in our regular `Trends´ segment, yes, we have identified a big trend but you´re about to meet someone who´s bucking it ... big time!

Harry Seidler's studio: a room with a view In 1948 Harry Seidler arrived in Sydney from America, where he had been schooled by Bauhaus luminaries in exile, Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer and Josef Albers. His first studio at Point Piper, which is recreated in the Sydney Powerhouse Museum's exhibition Modern Times, reveals aspects of these cosmopolitan origins.

Function and meaning: the key to good design Artefacts (including works of architecture) play dual roles; they simultaneously perform functions and they carry meaning. For instance, columns support roofs, but while the sturdy Tuscan and Doric types traditionally signify masculinity, the slim and elegant Ionic and Corinthian kinds read as feminine.

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