Sep 19, 2008

The Other 1947 Christchurch Fire

1947 will hopefully remain the most tragic year in the history of Christchurch. Although not the largest conflagration, and barring the 1918 Influenza epidemic, the Ballantyne's fire claimed more lives than any other disaster to befall the city.

But there was another spectacular fire further down Colombo Street that year when the premises of the Electrical Engineers Arnold & Wright Ltd. were completely gutted. Fortunately the adjoining box factory of Whitcombe & Tombs escaped major damage.

Situated on the western side of Colombo Street South, between St Asaph and Bath Streets, the former site of both buildings has been occupied by the car park of the South City Shopping Centre since 1990.

To promote the Christchurch City Libraries Retrospective: Christchurch life, architecture and design 1940s - 1970s photo competition, we're featuring a series of images from each decade. This week it's the later 1940s.

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