Sep 10, 2008

Lyttelton 1884

An elevated Easterly view of the port of Lyttelton, across the newly reclaimed Dampier Bay by the Christchurch watercolourist Thomas Cane.

Cane was the Canterbury Provincial Architect. One of his first major designs was the 1876 Timeball Station at Lyttelton. Located on the ridge seen in this painting on the far side of the Port above Officer’s Point, it's now regarded as one of the gems of Canterbury’s historic places. From 1883 his offices were in the old Hallenstein's building at the corner of Cashel and High Streets.

Born at Brighton, England in 1830, Thomas Cane arrived at the port on New Year's Eve 1873. He died at his Oxford Terrace, Christchurch home on the Thursday, the 16th of March, 1905.

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