Sep 1, 2008

Editorial: September, 2008

Six months have now elapsed since the inception of the online presence of the Canterbury Heritage Journal.

In a self congratulatory paean, unrestrained by false modesty, this journal can now claim a somewhat wider provincial readership than the combined circulations of both the Heritage New Zealand and New Zealand Memories magazines.

While the circulations of those periodicals continues to remain static, in the last Quarter an average monthly increase of 16.2% in this journal's readership has been recorded. Accordingly, it will not be without interest to ascertain how long it takes before twenty-first century developments filter down to this sector of our Media industry...

The most read article in the August issue was the Edward Jollie Memoir.


(The above illustration is our suggestion for an alternative to the current neo-brutalist design proposal for Christchurch's ailing Sydenham Square development).

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