Jul 25, 2008

Christchurch 1872 & 2008

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A panoramic view of Colombo Street North from the Gloucester Street intersection, towards Victoria Square.

With one exception all of the buildings in this photograph have been replaced twice. The lone survivor is the two storey building, with the two large chimneys, on the Right hand side of the street.

The same view in 2008

See where these photographs were taken.


kuaka said...

Now that's a great photo! (the 1872 one ;)

Any idea who the photographer was?

In 20 years or so, they certainly put up some shops.

I should probably refrain from commenting on the 2008 "boxes"...

Canterbury Heritage said...

The 1872 panorama is actually two unattributed photos, probably by the architect Benjamin Mountfort - who was responsible for some of these buildings - the offices of Mountfort & Luck were just around the corner in Gloucester Street.

Some of the buildings shown are already replacements of earlier structures - the current crop is mainly fourth generation.