Jun 17, 2008

Swamp City Verité

Artbash is an online community of New Zealanders who love art and love talking and writing about art. Inside Artbash you will find forums of art criticism, a calendar of exhibitions, a guide to New Zealand art galleries and an online art store where members exhibit and sell their art online.

A recent article satirises Christchurch's High Street Off-site Art Project:
"Booze buses (vomit comets ) will cruise the entertainment inner-city districts - discharging inebriated riders into a series of low and middle-brow pubs.

Large screen TV's will broadcast sport tests and music videos featuring pneumatically titted anorexics. Visibly bored cover bands will play short sets of stereotypical classic rock (which will be ignored by drinkers).

Entering and exiting the booze buses lads will jostle, threaten and body-check pedestrians. Booze bus patrons will projectile vomit on the interior surfaces of the buses and on each other"

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