Jun 7, 2008

1879 Christchurch Panorama

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From the archives of the National Library of Australia came four unrelated photographs, which when assembled form a previously unknown 1879 Christchurch panorama.

An elevated South to Northwest panorama of the former Christchurch Common, subsequently Market Place from 1853 and then Victoria Square since 1904.

Viewed from the watch tower of the second Fire Station of 1876 (now The Plunket Society building), with the slate tiled roof of the previous Oxford Hotel to the immediate foreground (on the site of the original Maori Hostel).

Included in this image are views of Armagh, Chester, Gloucester & Colombo streets, Whatley Road (subsequently Victoria Street) and Oxford & Cambridge terraces.

The former Palace Hotel and the adjacent second Theatre Royal (both extant) in Gloucester Street can be seen in the far Left middle ground, behind Dr William Deamer's brick, two-storey Surgery and contiguous dwelling in Armagh Street (built 1865) .

To the Right of the Surgery and next door but one can be seen the veranda of the first house in Christchurch to be erected by a Settler. This was the prefabricated home of George Gould constructed in February, 1851.

See from where this panorama was taken.

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