May 14, 2008

Lost Lyttelton

The principal port of Canterbury, founded in July 1849, has lost most of its early public buildings. Among the more significant demolitions were the first Lyttelton Main School and the Colonist’s Society Hall

To the Left (in the top image) is the Lyttelton Main School, built in 1874 to a design by William Armson, it was demolished in 1941. A former ships' mast, which became the school's flag pole is seen at the near Left.

To the Right is the Society of Canterbury Colonists' Hall. Built at a cost of £1,450 and opened on the 22nd of November, 1867, it provided a library, committee & reading rooms, and a concert hall. The building was demolished in 1943.

Originally known as Dampiers Bay Road, Simeon Quay (below Norwich Quay) commemorates the first Chairman of the Colonists’ Society; Captain Charles Simeon (1816-1867). He was also the Resident Magistrate, Commissioner of Police, Sheriff of the Province and Speaker of the Canterbury Provincial Council.

Gavin Buxton's model of the school

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