May 7, 2008

Christchurch Mayor Proposes Suburban Rail Reinstatement

Bob Parker has seized on the Government's agreement to repurchase the rail network as a chance to kick start passenger rail services connecting the city centre to Lyttelton, Rangiora and Rolleston on existing tracks.

If the proposed extension to the inner city vintage tram line could be integrated with a reinstatement of the 1867-1970 passenger service to Lyttelton and thereby to the proposed $30 million cruise ship terminal, then significant benefit would undoubtedly accrue to the city.

Sixty-four thousand cruise ship passengers visited the port in 2008, with that number forecast to grow to one hundred and ten thousand in the following year.

A vintage passenger train and/or tram link between the cruise ship terminal and the city's cultural precinct could be a major tourist attraction.

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