May 28, 2008

Arts, Culture and Heritage Funding

A joint statement of the Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage and the Minister of Broadcasting.

Significant new investments in New Zealand’s arts, culture and heritage are a feature of Budget 2008.

Prime Minister and Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Helen Clark today announced additional funding for New Zealand films, music, literature, and for heritage buildings and collections.

• Additional baseline funding of $12 million over four years goes to Te Papa. Te Papa has been the most visited museum and gallery in Australasia for the past five years, and it is essential to maintain strong investment in it.

• An increase of $7.7 million over four years to the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. One-off additional capital funding of $500,000 has been provided for upgrades to IT systems in 2008/09.

• An extra $4.4 million baseline funding over four years for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. This enables the NZSO to tour a minimum of 20 communities per year, perform to at least 100,000 people, and continue its commitment to performances of New Zealand compositions.

• An extra $27.8 million over four years goes to the New Zealand Film Commission. It will administer a new Screen Production Incentive Fund for eligible New Zealand films and television productions.

• Extra baseline funding of $4.8 million over four years is allocated to the NZ Music Commission, so that it can continue to promote Kiwi music internationally and locally, and undertake market and business development.

• An extra $2 million over four years goes to the New Zealand Authors’ Fund to compensate authors for loss of royalty income on books lent by public libraries.

Broadcasting Minister Trevor Mallard announced that Radio New Zealand will receive $10.9 million extra over four years to maintain its core services. Additional funding recognises the broadcaster’s significant and successful public service role domestically and internationally with its internet service.

“The Government continues to invest in the arts, culture, and heritage, and broadcasting because they all contribute to the expressing the unique national identity of New Zealand”, Helen Clark said.

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