Mar 30, 2008

Watch This Space

The third (1975) Christchurch Working Men's Club premises on Oxford Terrace adjoins the entrance to the Farmers car park and is adjacent to the 1983 Central Library. A decade ago a Dunedin group proposed building a sixteen storey office block on the site, but a market didn't eventuate.

An announcement is now anticipated that the fifth building on this site will be a residential tower development.

Replacing William K. Wilson's Plumber's shop, the second building was the late 1860s Ladies Seminary school (below), subsequently the Working Men's Club from 1881.

See where these photographs were taken.


Matt said...

I believe this building was designed by Nicholas Kennedy. A good example of 1970s commercial architecture. Somewhat abused and neglected, but a building well worth keeping.

Canterbury Heritage said...

Economic recession may be a two-edged sword; this significant building might find a new use before the next property boom sees it replaced by another high-rise.