Feb 14, 2008

The Things We Forgot To Remember

From Britain's Open University comes a series of discussions by distinguished academics. Although not specifically pertinent to Canterbury they broach subjects that are relevant to how we perceive and record history. Of ten to twenty minutes duration, they're particularly recommended to the serious scholar.

Transcripts of the discussions are available from the University's Web site.

The Nation and the State

How has the writing of history, especially the scholarly aspect of it, been associated with the nation and the state?

Memory and History

Remembering on a historical scale is a conscious act. In this podcast we look at how commemoration doesn’t just happen, it has to be willed. This often brings us back to stories told that refer to things we have in common, such as the nation and religion.

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Historical memories

Why do historians change their view of what's important? Who decides what's important anyway and what do they use as their sources?

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Families in history

How does our relationship with our ancestors change our view of history? Can we ever escape from our family and should we want to?

Individuals in history

Is there something about the way we think that changes the way we remember history? When it come to our memory of big events, do our minds play tricks on us?

Communities in history

What are the ways that communities fix and transmit their views of the past? Do communities remodel the past to suit its own interests?

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