Feb 18, 2008

Island's Tallest Building Begins to Dominate Skyline

The 92 metre, 23 floor residential tower and 171 room hotel complex under construction in Gloucester Street East will soon be the tallest building in the South Island.

Externally, the building will be sheathed in stone for the first six levels with a pyramid on the roof, serving both as an architectural feature and a platform for generating energy.

The pyramid assembly will support solar water heating panels and may also house a wind turbine beneath the apex. These systems will generate energy for the building and the national grid. The pyramid will also be used as a communications tower and become a distinctive landmark on the city skyline with an illuminated beacon at the top.

The ground floor plan includes a restaurant and a cafe-cocktail bar with hotel reception. Levels 17 to 20 will include eight three-bedroom apartments.

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