Feb 22, 2008

Hay’s - a Christchurch Icon

Jim Hay (1888-1971) opened his Gloucester Street department store on Friday the 13th of December, 1929. In 1938 the shop expanded on to Colombo Street and four years later, with the purchase of the 1910 Hayward building, Hay acquired an Armagh Street frontage. His upper floor office in the top (1957) image overlooked Victoria Square.

Hay's subsequently became Haywrights in 1968 and then Farmers in 1987. The old building was demolished in 1997, but the new Farmers department store is but a fraction of the size of its famous predecessor. More on the Christchurch Libraries' Heritage web site.


Donovan said...

This place is a very popular option for visitors. One of the oldest department stores that provide us with large selection of the best local and international brands. For those who want to purchase fashion and quality merchandise for themselves, their family and their home, better visit this place….

Anonymous said...

Hi, Do you own originals of the photos in this post or do you know where I could get them?

Anonymous said...

what is the best way to contact you?

Canterbury Heritage said...

Don't own the copyright of the later photo, earlier is out of copyright restrictions. Not easy to contact me as currently aboard a motor yacht in the Hauraki Gulf.